Marshalltown High School Drill Team

Video Response

 We have many recordings of rehearsals and performances, and I make them for you to assess how you are doing.  Occasionally, I will ask that you fill out a "Video Response."  This is really short and will help you process how things are going, not only for you but for the whole group.  You will not have to do these for every video, just the ones that I assign. 

This is part of your grade.  The portion Mr. Lee uses into your entire grade is up to him.  I will assign just a handful throughout the season and they will be due the following Tuesday through email or printed and handed in at rehearsal.  It is graded on completion, so don't worry about making an essay out of it, but if it looks like you did not put effort into it, I may ask you to do it again to receive full credit.  You will receive 100%, 50% (late), or 0% (not turned in) on each "Video Response."  As long as you finish it on time and give thoughtful responses, you will be fine.  Each video response should take you 5-10 minutes after you watch the videos, and you will always have a weekend to complete the assignment.

Below, I have examples of the form and one that I completed as a guide.

I will the printable PDF and the fill-in form document through email.  It is your choice as to which you wish to use.  I will also let you know which videos are assigned.

Video Response PRINT FORM.pdf Video Response PRINT FORM.pdf
Size : 115.373 Kb
Type : pdf
Video Response 07-08-11 Megan.pdf Video Response 07-08-11 Megan.pdf
Size : 144.268 Kb
Type : pdf
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