Marshalltown High School Drill Team

Additional Resources

From Mrs. Umthun


Unfinished Basics Guide, but it has a lot of useful things such as flag and weapon fundamentals.

Basics Guide 4th Edition 2011.pdf Basics Guide 4th Edition 2011.pdf
Size : 270.845 Kb
Type : pdf

If you want to start writing your own routines/solos, this is guide I wrote to explain how I go about writing my own choreography. 

Choreography Guide.pdf Choreography Guide.pdf
Size : 46.694 Kb
Type : pdf

Equipment and Costuming Suppliers

Discount Dance Supply
Discount Dance Supply is my #1 place to order uniform basics and shoes.  Almost anything you want can be found here at the lowest price.  Anything that is not guard equipment, I always order from this site.

Use the LOGO LINK above to go to the site that has our studio (team) number already entered into your discount.  This also gives our team points to use later towards purchases.

If you lose the link or need to enter the "Teacher/Studio Code" manually, type in:


McCormick's Enterprises 

Fred J. Miller

Band Shoppe

Style Plus


Color Guard 4 Life



ISDTA (Iowa Dance/Drill Team Association 

MA (Marching Auxiliaries & M.A. Dance)

MCCGA (Mid Continent Color Guard Association)

MidWest Color Guard circuit

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