Marshalltown Bobcat Color Guard

Flag Tosses

3ct Aerial

Count 8+ 1 (Release Count): From this prep position, push the left hand down to the side and quickly, twist the right wrist to the left going palm down then palm up.  As the wrist twists, bring the arm STRAIGHT up above the head.  This motion will take the flag through another rotation, ending silk down above the head.  Without stopping, release the flag once it is above the head, silk down (count 1).


Count 2: HOLD position!  Leave right arm up and left arm down.  Do NOT move.


Count 3: (Catch Count): If the rotation was correct in the air, which may take practice, the flag should rotate 1 ½ times through the air ending its rotation right in front of the body, silk up and in its starting (spin) position.  As the flag comes down the right hand comes down to grab the pole at tab (which should be close to belly button level), and the left hand comes up to grab the pole 2/3 up the silk.  The regrabing should be very quick and take place at the last second when the flag comes into position.

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